Image Presentation and Vision Computing


Imaging Vision is a highly skilled technical talent in computer imaging and machine vision industry. We provide the most accurate image presentation coupled with appropriate vision hardware and novel algorithm development for 100% online inspection tasks in various industries.

We are a vision system integrator.





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1D, 2D Symbologies Decode & Verification.

-Barcodes, Datamatrix, QR Codes...

Character Verification of All Fonts from a Single Handheld or a Fixed Mount Camera 1D, 2D Symbols Decoding & OCV

All In One Solution with Powerful Techniques for Direct Part Markings


Machine Vision Applications

-Suture Needle Inspections

-Soda Can Pull Tab Inspections

-Blood Glucose Strip Measurements

-Plastic Seal Inspections

-Clear Plastic Bottle Inspections

-Particulate, Flash & Void Detections

-Label Alginments & Inspections

-Weld Inspections

-Contact Lens Inspections

-Eye Glass Stock Alignment & Inspections

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