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Image Forming and Vision Computing for INSPECTION SYSTEMS


Large FOV Camera
  Imaging Vision

Imaging Vision is a highly skilled  technical talent in computer  imaging and machine vision  industry. We
provide the most accurate image forming and presentation coupled with appropriate vision hardware and
novel algorithm development for 100% online inspection tasks in various industries.
We are a vision system integrator.

We provide application reviews and budgetary quote of turn-key vision systems for your inspection solutions to  existing  or new production   lines. Consulting service is available  to help improve your current inspections with industry standard advanced hardware and novel                software  to reduce scrap, minimize cost and maximize the return on investment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


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We offer solutions to your inspection needs

& We go far and wide in our capabilities with the applications:
--Large Depth of Focus - Inspect parts, Reading 1D or 2D codes at various stand-off positions  in one take
--Huge FOV (Field of View) - Analyze and Assign Pass/Fail for multiple of items in one shot as they move on a conveyor belt


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